LSU baseball teams surprised kids affected by flooding

LSU baseball teams surprised kids affected by flooding

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The historic flooding has produced some unforgettable, painful images, including ones of kids losing all their toys and prized possessions. So many kids have been hurt by flooding. But on Sunday, the LSU baseball team managed to brighten the spirits of a few young flood victims.

The photo is heartbreaking - a kid with his hands on his head, overwhelmed by the sight of his bedroom in shambles from flooding.

In many ways, it embodied everything so many have felt as floodwater washed away so much. The 8-year-old boy is Ethan Comeaux, and the moment was captured by his mom who posted it on Facebook. It quickly went viral.

It also caught the attention of LSU baseball head coach Paul Mainieri.

"To see that little guy be so heartbroken over the loss over all his treasured possessions, it really, it just moves you," Mainieri said.

Hearing he was a big fan, Coach Mainieri and his Tigers invited Ethan, his little brother Konner, his cousin 10-year-old Lucas Crowder, and another boy displaced by flooding, 12-year-old Colt Blanchard, to Alex Box Stadium.

For an afternoon, the boys got a chance to forget the rain and play a little ball with some of the best players in the Southeastern Conference.

The players also had some words of advice for the kids.

"Don't let it define who you guys are. Take every day and make every day a good day. You've got your friends and family with you guys. You guys are going to bounce back," said pitcher Alex Lange.

"We're part of y'all's family now. If y'all need anything, we got you. It's just a bump in the road. You'll get by it," said infielder Cole Freeman.

The kids also left with new LSU gear. Pitcher Jared Poche even gave Colt his glove to replace the one Colt lost in the flood. Colt's favorite player, Greg Deichmann, gave him a replacement bat.

Mainieri said he hoped the afternoon provided one moment of joy among many of sorrow.

"As they think back to this time in their life, and they get older, obviously it's going to be a scar forever. But maybe they'll have that one little glimmer of sunshine in their life for a few hours out here at the Alex Box Stadium with the LSU baseball team," Mainieri said.

As for the boys, they all said their favorite part was meeting the players.

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