U.S. AG Loretta Lynch seeks unity in Baton Rouge visit

U.S. AG Loretta Lynch seeks unity in Baton Rouge visit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was among the diverse group of speakers at a community memorial Thursday evening to honor fallen Baton Rouge officers Matthew Gerald, Cpl. Montrell Jackson and Deputy Brad Garafola.

Among other things, she said it is an opportunity to seek unity.

"We stand here in the wake of such a painful tragedy. We stand here in the shadow of mindless violence and we can't comprehend sometimes why these things do occur," Lynch said.

The attorney general touched on the contributions of each of the brave men and praised the way Baton Rouge has weathered the storm one man rained down on the city.

"In the face of that desire to sow hatred, we come together in love. Baton Rouge has chosen that. The state has seen it and the country has seen it," Lynch added. "You are the example for cities who are facing these problems."

This is the first of a two-day visit for Lynch who is expected to meet with first responders and host a community roundtable Friday. She said it is a small part of the conversation that must happen in order for the sacrifices of these men to not be in vain.

"We have to be the embodiment of the world that Deputy Garafola and Officer Gerald and Cpl. Jackson sought to create," she added. "We owe that to them. We are the inheritors of their legacy."

While she said moving forward will take time, Lynch is confident that better days are ahead.

"We have had difficult times before my friends. We have had tremendous losses before and out of these dark times can come some of our greatest moments," Lynch said.

Lynch will attend several events downtown Friday, starting with a community round table including several officials followed by a meeting with law enforcement first responders. She will then hold a news conference to discuss her visit along with U.S. Attorney Walt Green of the Middle District of Louisiana.

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