Zachary looks to attract business to area, including new proposed shopping center

Zachary looks to attract business to area, including new proposed shopping center

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - Some city leaders in Zachary are hoping the people remain business friendly as they try to attract new businesses to the area.

"Change is difficult. A lot of times when you have a historically rural community that's been transitioning into a thriving suburb it's a challenge for all residents to be open-minded and stay on board with the discussion," said Kate MacArthur with the Zachary Chamber of Commerce. "Right now we're doing great with the budget but if we continue to grow at the rate we're growing which is tremendous and we want to attract more residents to our community, we need to be able to offer them the services that an increase of the budget will provide to them."

The latest development proposed for Zachary is shopping center that would contain a Marshalls clothing store and a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

"It's not a small town anymore," said Zachary Police Chief David McDavid, whose department relies on sales tax revenue.

McDavid said he doesn't advocate for one business over another but, instead, welcomes almost any new business that will generate revenue to strapped city services.

"It's going to affect us but you also have to think about the future here in Zachary, the growing. People are leaving the big cities to come here because the number one school system, low crime rate but also easy access to Baton Rouge. You don't have to be down there in all the traffic and all the problems."

The conceptual site plan is expected to go before Zachary's Planning and Zoning on August 1.

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