The Investigators: People ordered to use RHI being charged, but not tracked

Published: Apr. 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM CDT|Updated: May. 5, 2016 at 5:25 PM CDT
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Judge Trudy White (Source: WAFB)
Judge Trudy White (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A controversial court-ordered supervision company is charging people without properly monitoring them, according to several people who spoke with The Investigators.

One man said he paid his friend's bail, but because of a specific order from 19th Judicial District Judge Trudy White he couldn't get the friend out of jail until he paid an additional sum to representatives from the judge's approved vendor, Rehabilitation Home Incarceration (RHI).

"I paid the bond and then a couple hours later I got a call that said there was an additional charge and if you don't pay this charge he's not going anywhere," said a man who didn't want to be identified. "$525 on top of the original bail."

An ongoing 9News Investigation has revealed a direct political connection between Judge White and the owner of RHI, Cleve Dunn Sr.

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Judge White repeatedly orders people who appear before her to be monitored by RHI even before they have been found guilty of a crime. RHI charges $550 for an initial setup fee and then $225 every two weeks thereafter. The initial fee must be paid in addition to a bail amount before a person can be released per Judge White.

Several people have complained about the unusually high amounts charged by RHI and the actual services provided.

A man who spoke with the Investigators said he paid the company the initial fee to get his son out of jail. His son was to be supervised and monitored by RHI.

The man said even though RHI continues to send bills for monitoring, they have yet to even make contact with his son and his son can't seem to get in touch with them.

"As of today, they don't even know where my son is," he said. "They were making statements that he was supposed to get ankle bracelet and nobody never came and checked on the location of where he was staying at. So, after a week or two of me and his mother getting him back-and-forth to the doctor, he moved back in with his girlfriend."

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The owner of the company, Cleve Dunn, told the Investigators by phone that he did not want to speak with the media.

The Investigators caught up with Dunn's second in command, Fredrick Hall, as he collected fees from a client. Hall, who asked our camera crew to stop filming, added that he is only working for a company trying to provide a service. When questioned further, Hall said he would have no comment and hesitated when asked which judge uses those services the most.

Judge White has refused to comment for this story.

The man whose son was supposed to be monitored by RHI said he feels it's one big scam.

"It's this one judge," he said. "She takes all the power and puts it in her hand."

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