Hagan announces run for Gonzales Police Chief

Hagan announces run for Gonzales Police Chief
Hagan's sons Chris Hagan Jr. and Malcolm Hagan (Source: Chris Hagan)
Hagan's sons Chris Hagan Jr. and Malcolm Hagan (Source: Chris Hagan)
Hagan's seven-year-old Rottweiler, Francis (Source: Chris Hagan)
Hagan's seven-year-old Rottweiler, Francis (Source: Chris Hagan)

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - A Gonzales man has announced on Facebook, he is running for police chief.

The election is not until November, but Chris Hagan said he is kicking off his campaign off early.

"It's always good to get your name and face out there," Hagan said.

People who live in Ascension Parish have likely bumped into Hagan. The former longtime sheriff's deputy said he has dedicated his life to law enforcement. The Southern University graduate has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration and said he spent 20 years putting that knowledge to work in his community. He said some of the people he met along the way encouraged him to run for Gonzales Police Chief.

"Even when I was with the sheriff's office, they would say, hey, look you arrested me but you were fair," Hagan said.

Hagan said, if elected, one of the first things he wants to bring do is equip every officer with a body camera.

"It holds everybody accountable. If the officers are accused of something, there is video footage to dispute it or to prove something did happen and something needs to be addressed," Hagan said.

Hagan said he also wants to expand the detectives division to meet the needs of a rapid growing city. He said he is building his campaign around what people say they would like to see. He spends a lot of time listening, he said, especially to his two son's Chris Junior and Malcolm. Hagan said he plans to start campaigning soon. Don't be surprised if you see his seven-year-old Rottweiler, Francis, leading the way.

"A lot of people in my neighborhood say, who's walking who," Hagan joked.

Hagan said he is looking forward to the journey and making new friends.

"Just getting out there and spreading the word, talking to people finding out what are their concerns, issues and try to convince them to vote for me because I think I would be the best man for the job," Hagan said.

When asked for comments on Hagan's campaign, current Chief Sherman Jackson declined an on camera interview. He instead provided the following statement.

"I believe that the residents of Gonzales know how productive the City of Gonzales Police Department has been. We have changed and grown along with the demands of the area's increasing population. The City of Gonzales Police Department is a revered one and the approval rating I hold within the city has never been higher. I will, of course, be running for reelection as Chief of Police based on my experience, my knowledge, and my commitment to continue doing what it best for all residents of Gonzales. I look forward to the race and to the election."

Qualifying for the office begins on July 20.

The election is set for November 8.

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