Online auction launched to sell EBR tax delinquent, blighted properties

Online auction launched to sell EBR tax delinquent, blighted properties

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge Parish leaders launched an online auction Monday they hope will help fix up rundown property.

The Investigators dug into the city's problems with blighted property back in November. An investigation exposed thousands of reports of blight over the past five years.

Now, the city says it has a new and improved way to deal with blighted properties often behind on their taxes.

Leaders launched a new website today on for anyone interested in purchasing tax-delinquent property. More than 2,000 of them are now up for auction.

Previously, buyers' only option was to go to City Hall and speak with the Parish Attorney's Office. You can still do that. But leaders say the online auction will be more convenient.

"We do expect to see a rush of attention to these properties that are made more public now through the online presence and the transparency of information that we are able to provide to people who want to shop these," said Stephen Morel, Chief Legal Officer, Civic Source.

Like the city, those behind the website say the online auction will cut taxpayers a break.

"It's putting them back on the tax roll and producing much needed revenue for the jurisdiction, for the tax authority as well as relieving the tax body of the obligation to maintain them," said Morel.

The city says using the website from start to finish to close your title will cost an estimated $3,000. Current owners will still have a chance to pay their taxes and keep their properties.

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