Healthline: Personal trainers suggest strategy to reach fitness goals

Healthline: Personal trainers suggest strategy to reach fitness goals

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many people set goals to feel and look better in the new year, but sticking to a plan can be a challenge. Fitness experts have some suggestions for those who find it hard to overcome common hurdles on the path to success.

There is nothing quite like New Year's resolutions to send people flocking to the gym. Spectrum Fitness Club Director and General Manager, Ryan Hartley, said he sees it every year.

"Everyone comes in at once, then it's all about the New Year's, one month, warriors kind of deal," Hartley said.

There are so many pieces of equipment to choose from that it can be overwhelming. While some people like to explore what is available at the gym, others prefer a more personal approach. This time of year, trainers are busy helping people find a workout that fits them.

"There's not one size fits all in exercise. We have to find what we enjoy the most, whether it's weight training, group exercise classes, meeting somebody every day that's a friend or staff member that's going to work with you and help you the entire time," Hartley said.

If you enjoy group exercise, some gyms offer programs that allow you to monitor your progress and compare it to others in class. Hartley suggested starting off small.

"Telling yourself, work out three times a week for the entire month of January. Then, in February, I'm going to step that up to four days a week, and in March I'm going to step that up to five days. But that fifth day is going to be something different," Hartley said.

He said variety is key in making sure your workouts are fun and motivate you to continue working toward your fitness goals. And if you get off track, adjust your plan accordingly.

"Make the plan a little easier at that point. Maybe we got to six days in March and that's too much. Say work is picking up and I'm a little overwhelmed, let's d rop it to three again, and let's just stay with something," Hartley said.

He said if the routine gets old, sometimes working toward a new personal success can help you stay on track.

"I want to do my first triathlon, my first half marathon, I want to finally have the strength to run the lakes again. Those things are attainable goals for people," Hartley said.

He said the bottom line is that the equipment, trainers, and plans will not work if you don't commit.

"You have to stop making excuses. At the end of the day, it really is all about you. How hard are you willing to work toward what you want to accomplish," Hartley said.

Hartley added that following a good nutrition plan is just as important as exercise.

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