Governor-elect Edwards names transition team

Governor-elect Edwards names transition team

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards addressed the Louisiana Federation of Teachers luncheon today as one of his first official appearances as the governor-to-be in Louisiana.

The governor-elect said that, up until '8 o'clock' on the night of the election, he hadn't thought much about a transition, instead he focused on being a candidate. Edwards says that his transition team, led by Chief of Staff Ben Nevers will be busy, working weekends and possibly even half-days on holidays to get everything in place for his Jan 11th start.

"We certainly have our plate full and that is complicated by the fact that the state of Louisiana is not doing well," he said.

"As you well know especially with respect to the structural budget deficit."

State Senator Sharon Weston-Broome is one of a number of co-chairs of Edward's transition team, meant to reflect the diversity of Louisiana.

"We are driven by coming up with some very tangible solutions that will move our state forward," said Weston-Broome. "The people have spoken, and we want to adhere to their desires."

Weston-Broome says they plan to launch a website soon where the team can receive resumes and other information from people wanting to be a part of the new administration.

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