Air: Friday, 10/30/15

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Larry Babin. Babin is one of dozens of people who commented on our editorial this week, taking the state to task for the way it sent out 1.2 million delinquent auto insurance notices this month.

Babin is out of state serving in the military and he's not happy about how this will affect military families. In his words: I suspect that many of the one million notices that went out will go to the last Louisiana addresses for people serving in the military, and they will never get the notice. If they don't respond, eventually they will have a lien filed against their tax returns, all for doing nothing wrong. The enforcement of this flawed law must be stopped or many service members will be hit with fines and garnishment. The craziness has to stop. Louisiana can't balance its budget on the backs of faithful service members.

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