Permanent injunction dismissed for controversial Settlement on Shoe Creek

Permanent injunction dismissed for controversial Settlement on Shoe Creek
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The luxury development of Settlement on Shoe Creek in Central has a judge's clearance to move forward after a hearing before Judge Wilson Fields in 19th Judicial District Court.

In a matter of thirty minutes, Judge Fields dismissed Seth Dornier's request for a permanent injunction against the Shoe Creek developers.

It's a large development that would include commercial and residential units like a grocery store, shopping, and single family living space.

"This is a win for Central," said Central City Attorney Jennifer Sims. "The city is very pleased with the judge's outcome, and was quite confident this is where we would be."

But, people like Dave Freneaux, who lives in Central and pursued the lawsuit, said the Central mayor and city council members violated the zoning code.

He and his lawyer, Seth Dornier, said while the city could approve a development with 43 units, this one has nearly 250 units. Freneaux said it's setting a bad precedent for future developments that want to call Central home. Freneaux says he is focused on the bigger problem: they just can't afford the growth.

"We don't have the infrastructure or the roadways. The traffic doesn't handle it. We have 30 T-buildings that our young kids are being educated in. Our school superintendent has said we can't afford the growth. We can't fund the growth. We're busting at the seams as it is, and we're going to dump a number of people we can't educate and we can't put on our roads?" asked Freneaux.

But, city officials and Sims said that they followed all the laws.

"They've been confident throughout that what they did was in compliance with the law," said Sims.

Central City Councilman Shane Evans said anytime citizens sue the city, it's not really a win for the city. But he feels this fight is not about central citizens as a whole.

"This entire lawsuit is about some individuals in our city who want no new residents there. They want the close the gate after them after they got there. That's what this is about," said Evans.

"It is about a few people. It's about the five or six people who approved this development. It's about the developer. It's not about the people of Central. They're not listening to the people of Central," said Freneaux.

As for the lawsuit itself, Dornier said their fight is not over yet.

"We're immediately appealing and asking for an expedited consideration. I'm very optimistic the first circuit will grant an appropriate justice decision," said Dornier.

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