Tailgaters celebrate a reunion before LSU's game against Eastern Michigan

Tailgaters celebrate reunion before LSU football game
Grilled kabobs are a standard tailgate food. (Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB)
Grilled kabobs are a standard tailgate food. (Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Overcast skies did not dampen the mood at LSU, where tailgaters were out in force before Saturday's game against Eastern Michigan.

A group of childhood friends from Bayou Lafourche treated today's tailgate as a reunion. Lining up their RVs in the Levee Lot along River Road, they spent the afternoon grilling, eating, and dancing.

"You tend to lose touch with some over the years, and we're all coming back together, rekindling old friendship, and having a good time," said Jared Thibodaux.

Shannon Soudelier organized the tailgate reunion and enjoyed having his friends along.

"It adds to the fun and atmosphere," Soudelier said.

He spent much of his day behind the grill cooking shrimp kabobs to accompany the trays of boudin balls, ribeye sausage, and cake.

Soudelier's mom Gail was on hand as well.

"I saw all these kids growing up and now they're all married with children, but it's unbelievable because all the love we have for each other," she said.

Many of them did not attend LSU, but that not stop them from bleeding purple and gold.

"You're from the bayou, you like LSU. There's no other option in life," said Elizabeth Birthelot.

For some, it was their first time ever in Tiger Stadium for game day.

"It's awesome so far," said Tanzie Theriot. "I can't wait for the band to come on the field."

"Bayou people love partying and the Tigers give us a reason to party together," Birthelot said.

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