Ceremony held in Zachary remembers fallen soldiers

Ceremony held in Zachary remembers fallen soldiers

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - A small group of people held a service at a local cemetery to pay honor to fallen soldiers.

The ceremony happened at the Port Hudson National Cemetery at noon Saturday. Veterans read poetry and gave their reasons why honoring fallen soldier is so important. Afterwards, people placed flowers on graves to show their appreciation. Bryon Comeaux, who is an Army veteran, said events like this makes sure stories of fallen soldiers won't become faded memories.

"Our motto, no soldier will ever be forgotten, is now coming true with things like this. We're coming back and recognizing the individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice," said Comeaux.

Also paying their respects was Brennon Burthorne. Burthorne was visiting his great grandfather, who served as a pilot. He said he loved hearing his war stories.

"He was a B-17 radio man," said Burthorne. "When he was flying over the mountains in Chine, his engines failed and his plane went down. He survived it and I love hearing that story."