Crime Stoppers: Latevin Bankston Murder

Crime Stoppers: Latevin Bankston Murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman shared her story of heartache in hopes the person who took her son's life will be brought to justice.

Latevin Bankston, 20, of Baton Rouge, was killed on April 22, 2011.

His mother, Latonya Oby, was on her way home that evening and everything was going right in her world. She was talking on the phone with her son, who was also on the way home after getting off work.

"I told him we'd all be home soon and I'd see him when I got home," Oby said.

She was actually driving home with her other son and when they got close to their neighborhood, they heard something that grabbed their attention.

"When we got to the light at Staring and Perkins, we heard a noise," Oby recalled.

They thought it was a tire blowing out. Unfortunately, it wasn't. What they heard was gunshots.

"Not knowing it was my own son, gunshots. We passed by the store, still didn't know it was him, that that had happened," Oby added.

Bankston had been shot outside a convenience store on Staring Lane. He was taken to the hospital in grave condition. The family arrived a short time later. His mother remembers getting the horrible news and then having to make a horrible choice.

"The doctor told us there was no brain activity. The hardest decision I've ever made in my life was to remove him from the machines," Oby explained.

She is left now with nothing more than memories, mementoes and pictures of her first born. And, investigators aren't getting what they need to solve the case.

Det. Trey Landry with the Baton Rouge Police Department worked the case more than four years ago. He knows there are witnesses out there.

"I counted at least five to seven people in the store in addition to the people in the parking lot," Landry said.

For Bankston's mother, it is nothing but heartache. It is a pain she hopes no one else will have to feel, including those who know something and aren't talking.

"I want them to know they could get the same phone call I got. I want them to know they may have to make the same decisions I made. I think everybody knows a parent is never supposed to bury their children," Oby said.

Amen to that.

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