Severe weather uproots trees, floods homes in East Baton Rouge Parish

Severe weather uproots trees, floods homes in East Baton Rouge Parish
Curtis Bell's home (Source: WAFB)
Curtis Bell's home (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many Baton Rouge neighborhoods had limbs and trees down from high winds which are to blame for the power outages and damage scattered all over the Metro area.

A Baton Rouge woman dove to save herself from potential harm. Patricia Dumas heard a cracking noise outside of her North Baton Rouge home. She said running just didn't seem fast enough to get out of the way of a tree that crushed part of her home on the corner of Bank and Byron streets.

"So I came to the front door to look and see if it was somebody, and I heard this noise so I took off," said Dumas. "I ran and ran towards the back and I thought it was going to come faster than it was so I slid, like I was going into first base or something."

She and her two sons were shaken up, but okay. However, her house and car are another story.

She along with her two sons, one of them autistic, are safe and sound. The tree took out the porch, but left the rest of the house standing. The impact threw wide the front door.

"The next thing I knew my front door just flew open and there was so much dust I had to ask my son is this dust or smoke? I thought maybe some of the wires had caught on fire or something," said Dumas.

A few neighborhoods over, in the Glen Oaks area, Curtis Bell couldn't believe what he was seeing when he opened his door.

"I was thinking maybe it was just brushed up against the house and not through the house, but when I looked in everything look like an explosion," Bell said.

A tree snapped and crashed through the house, hitting a water line and flooding the place.

"Like I said, all that I had in there is practically destroyed. It's going to take a lot of doing to put everything back in place," Bell said.

The winds with tropical storm force gusts also knocked down trees and snapped several limbs along Nicholson Drive. It will be a few days before everything gets cleaned up in that area.

The USS Kidd is closed until further notice. The museum staff says the roof sustained significant damage in Monday's storm. They say there is no danger to artifacts, but it will take repair work before they can reopen.

As well, The midsection of the iconic flag on Airline Highway at the Robinson Brothers flew off in the storm, but they said there will be a backup flag put up to replace it.

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