Youth legislature shows teens lawmaking process

Youth legislature shows teens lawmaking process

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana teenagers held a session at the state legislature on Friday.

Friday marked the 53rd annual Youth Legislature, intended to give the younger generation a look into the political process.

Adults tend to forget how our state capitol looks on the inside, but kids taking tours of the building are in awe. Each tour by a school group has to pause and soak in the sights and sounds.

While children take a tour of the capitol, leaders of the past are watching the leaders of tomorrow during the YMCA's youth legislature. 200 students from across the state were at the capitol presenting their own bills, making speeches, and standing in line to make speeches.

They want the state to help police departments match funds to buy personal body cameras for each officer. Their actions show they know the state is in a money crisis. This committee voted to recommend a special license plate to support the arts and education.

The teens get sent home knowing how it feels to sit in the desks of power in Louisiana.

Some of the participants may get to go to a national conference held in Blue Ridge North Carolina this summer, and others could get a scholarship for their participation in the session.

Citizens can go to any capital area YMCA and tell them to put a donation toward the scholarships.

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