President of Kleinpeter Farms and Dairy steps down

President of Kleinpeter Farms and Dairy steps down

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Jeff Kleinpeter has stepped down from his position as president of Kleinpeter Farms and Dairy, according to


While the Kleinpeter family expects the move to be temporary, his family says that the cause of his absence is "a family medical leave issue".

Kenny Kleinpeter says it was a mutual decision. "I am praying for him," Kenny says, "he has carried us through for a long time."

The locally owned dairy was hit with controversy last year stemming from quality issues effecting the shelf life and taste of Kleinpeter products. According to sources, Kleinpeter has fixed these issues by upgrading and improving equipment at their plant.

Jeff's siblings; Sue Anne Kleinpeter Cox, and Kenny Kleinpeter will overtake Jeff's duties as interim co-presidents for the time being.

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