First woman elected as Louisiana treasurer dies at 94

First woman elected as Louisiana treasurer dies at 94

Former Louisiana State treasurer Mary Evelyn Parker passed away Saturday morning at the age of 94. 

Mary passed away in her Baton Rouge home from complications of a heart attack she suffered from back in November. Funeral arrangements are being made to take place at Rabenhorest Funeral Home on Government Street in Baton Rouge.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Parker was born November 28, 1920, in Fullerton

and was

the daughter of Racia Dickerson, and Addie Graham, a homemaker.

Mary became the first women to be elected as the Louisiana State treasury, a title she held until 1988.

Former Senator Mary Landrieu took over for Parker when she retired at age 65.

She started her career when Earl Long asked her to narrate his radio speeches.  She caught his attention while she was on the Northwestern State University debate team, and while on the debate team, she assisted in a victory over Harvard University. 

She also held some small stints as a high school English teacher and as the editor of the Oakdale Journal.

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