LSP welcomes newest Cadet Class

LSP welcomes newest Cadet Class

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sunday morning, State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson welcomed the state police's 93rd Cadet Class.

The class will undergo a 20-week academy that includes classroom courses on state and federal laws, ethics, crash investigation and impared driver detection. Cadets also take part in a daily physical training routine, pursuit driving training, as well as firearms and defensive tactics training.

The 93rd Cadet Class will be only the second in six years. The last class, the 92nd, graduated 46 troopers this May.

In a statement, Colonel Edmonson reaffirmed his enthusiasm for this new class.  “Shaping these cadets into Louisiana State Troopers is a tremendous responsibility." said Colonel Edmonson. "Wearing the State Police badge is a privilege earned, and their training program will be guided by the Core Values of the Louisiana State Police. The path to graduation is not easy; however, the reward is the opportunity to serve and protect the citizens of Louisiana.”

Graduating cadets will gain the right to wear the "Golden Boot" badge of the Louisiana State Police.

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