Fire officials encourage residents to stay safe during the cold

Beware of fire hazards

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The cold weather has rolled into Baton Rouge and first responders want you to keep warm and safe.

Many people will be relying on space heaters to keep warm, but Baton Rouge Fire Chief Ed Smith said they are one of the leading causes of houses fires.

"Make sure the space heater is in the house and three feet away from window curtains or any flammable material," said Smith.

Nancy Malone with the American Red Cross said families should also come up with escape plans in case of a fire, such as meeting at a near-by light pole or mailbox.

"We know that a plan means that everyone is informed and knows what they need to do even when there is an emergency," said Malone.

Most importantly, first responders said people need to invest in a working smoke detector because it can save your life. If you can't afford a smoke detector, the Baton Rouge Fire Department has a smoke detector program in which people can apply for a free smoke detector. The number to call is (225) 354-1431.

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