All eyes on election day

Election Day 2014 - Noon

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - From one end of the state to the other, election candidates are making a last minute mad dash to reach residents.

While a mid-term election usually struggles to gain the voters' attention, the Senate race has everyone watching the Bayou State.

"We could look up in December and see the fate of the Senate hanging on what happens right down here in Louisiana," explained political analyst Clay Young.

The neck in neck races, early voting numbers, and even a clear forecast for tomorrow have many predicting a record turnout. 

"Early voting was astronomical, 181% of early voting in 2010," said Young.

That translates into more than 240,000 early votes.  As far as predicting the results, that is another matter.

"As it relates to the congressional seat, I would expect Governor Edwards to make it into the run off with either

Dan Claitor

or Garret Graves. In terms of the Senate race everyone is expecting a run off," said Young.

For voters, a long ballot featuring 14 constitutional amendments could also mean long lines.  That is why officials are urging voters to be prepared before they walk into the booth.

"Look at the ballot, try to educate yourself on those amendments because the law says you have three minutes in the voting machine," explained Secretary of State Tom Schedler.

Polls open at 6 am. Voters should remember to bring a valid picture ID.  You can review a sample ballot by going to

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