'Expungement Event' set to help clear the past and allow more opportunities

'Expungement Event' set to help clear the past and allow more opportunities

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - RAX WorldWide, a non-profit organization that focuses on humanitarian efforts and community outreach, is collaborating with The Louis A. Martinet Legal Society to arrange "An Expungement Event" on Saturday, Oct. 11 in Baton Rouge.

The event's purpose is to inform those who may have damaging records and profiles that may need advice on how to move forward with their lives despite their circumstances.

"An expungement is the process by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or federal repository," said Richard Slaughter, CEO of the RAX Worldwide Inc.

"We would like to ensure that all individuals, despite their past, have equal opportunities of success because those with prior records sometimes have a hard time of facing forward and grasping opportunities because of their history and a lack of confidence," said Slaughter.

For those who may not understand how the expungement process works, it allows someone with records of arrests and criminal convictions to destroy or seal their records from the state of federal repository. Once records are expunged, in most cases, those who once had a criminal record can act as if the record never existed.

"It is our hope, that with this event, individuals will see that there is hope, that there are those willing and committed to come to their aid in an effort to show them better so they can find stability, use their past in a proactive manner, and be equal contributors in the game of life," stated Slaughter.

Only certain offenses can be expunged. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore says recent changes to the process make it difficult for a lay person to handle on their own.

"It's something that's really technical and you can't navigate yourself through this," said Moore.

"This is something that people should really take advantage of- it affects your future - it affects your jobs- your ability to make finances- it's something that's very important to a lot of people."

RAX Worldwide plans to create and participate in activities and initiatives that occur in local Baton Rouge and Port Allen neighborhoods initially and then eventually expand to a global community. A part of their mission is "To promote positive and new innovative humanitarian efforts through random acts of community outreach, global exposure, charitable contributions, in addition to challenging others to match our ambitious quest to spread a 'giving' spirit."

The expungement event will take place at the Ben Johnson Building on 1339 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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