Your Turn: Death of a Child

Published: Aug. 29, 2014 at 2:22 PM CDT
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This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Rebecca Braun.

Braun is one of hundreds of people who reacted to the death of a five-year-old Baton Rouge boy. Police say Jay'v'une Bergin was beaten to death by his father. Braun is concerned because she thinks child welfare officials may not be doing enough to take children away from abusive parents.

In her words: This little boy was so very sweet and his sister loved him so much. All around, everybody let him down. The sad part is they are changing guidelines in East Baton Rouge to make more of an effort to keep children in their homes. It's very sad and the community needs to step up. These kids didn't ask to be here, didn't ask to be beaten to death, starved or neglected. Pay attention. Call and call and call until something is done.

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