Residents in Watson could see gravel pit in their backyards

Residents in Watson could see gravel pit in their backyards

WATSON, LA (WAFB) - People in Watson are in an uproar after learning a gravel pit could possibly be moving in. Doug Bowen was of the many people who are upset to find out a gravel pit will be place directly behind their homes.

“They are going to ruin neighborhoods for people they are going to ruin people’s lives,” said Bowen.

Neighbors said only one home received a joint public notice that looks to be issued out by The US Army Corps of Engineers and The Department of Environmental Quality.  Bowen said this would be a setback for a place they call home.

“This will only make people not come to Watson,” said Bowen “It is going to destroy this town that we're trying to incorporate.”

This was also a shocker for Watson Councilman Jim Norred. He said being an unincorporated area, is a big problem these folks will have to face. Livingston Parish doesn't have any zoning or land use restrictions, meaning the parish can't really do anything. But said Watson shouldn't be pushed around.

“It's not like it was ten years ago where you only had seven thousand people,” said Norred. “People are going to keep coming and now you have industries coming that are not regulated, and can do pretty much whatever they want.”

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