Darrow residents battling flooded homes

DARROW, LA (WAFB) - People in Darrow are fighting a battle they said they have never faced.

High water, worms, and snakes have taken over their homes.

Homeowners said they are not sure where to turn.

Residents gathered at the front of the Astroland subdivision on Thursday morning. They were frustrated, confused, and desperate for answers.

"As tax payers we shouldn't have to worry about this. We shouldn't have to worry. We should feel safe," Dana Cassie said.

Cassie and her neighbors' houses flooded during Wednesday's heavy rains. They raced to stack sandbags around their properties to keep the water out, but they said eventually Mother Nature won.

"And here we go. When the water first started coming in there I was able to get it under control and once it started again it just took over," Netira Davis said as she sloshed into her home.

It is only worse for residents who live in the back of the subdivision. They and some of their cars had to be shuttled by tractor. Some people waded through high water to get to their animals and belongings.

They said Hurricanes Katrina nor Rita brought them that kind of grief.

"Fifty years ago or better the water came halfway there but now it's worse," Lucien Perkins said.

Dozens of cows in a pasture behind the subdivision huddled on a small island to stay dry. It was a shock to longtime homeowners who said they had never seen anything like it.

Ascension Parish Councilman Travis Turner toured the area on Thursday.

"This area back here should be declared a natural disaster too. Too much water in their house and they can't get flood insurance," Turner said.

Residents said they have never needed flood insurance until now.

"What is going to happen to our home? Where are we going to go? We don't have money to start over like that," Cassie said.

Councilman Travis Turner said the water in Astroland came from the Conway Canal.

Turner believes heavy rain plus debris caused it to back up.

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