Hundreds of gas lawsuits could bankrupt independent La. oil companies

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana oil and gas companies are claiming that several hundred lawsuits, accusing them of damaging the state's coast, are hurting their business. Companies are saying this is not fair.

Some of those companies gathered at the state capitol, on Wednesday, to discuss how these legacy lawsuits are impacting their businesses.

A company in Lafayette is on a list with 42 other businesses currently involved in a lawsuit in Jefferson Parish. The president of the company says they drilled one well in open water, but it did not produce enough So. They plugged it. Still, their name was linked in with 'big oil' companies.

"Why are we being sued? We didn't do anything wrong. We played by the rules. We were never cited for any wrongdoing," said Dennis Baillargeon of the Destin Operating Company.

The lawsuits could possibly bankrupt the independent companies, which would take away jobs for thousands of people in the state.

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