State Police want to outsource driver's license test

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new initiative by Louisiana State Police could lead to shorter lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Outsourcing driving tests may be on the horizon.

"Third party testing is a great idea. Colonel Edmonson is very forward thinking in trying to bring that type of service to the people of Louisiana," says Don Luther, a student driving instructor.

Luther has been an instructor for 30 years. He is the owner and operator of Angel Wood Driving School in Baton Rouge. Under Col. Mike Edmonson's driving initiative he would allow private companies like Luther's to take the driving test out of the state's hands.

"If we have an accredited school that a parent has paid for as a state agency and motor vehicle has accredited that school then we should accept their test," Edmonson says.  "If they've passed the test then why do they have to go to motor vehicle and pass another test?"

That would allow state driving testers to get out of the cars and help shorten the long lines inside of the department of motor vehicles.

Sgt. Nick Manale says the new process could lead to shorter waiting periods at the DMV. "We certainly have lines," Manale says.  "There are a lot of demands in the Office of Motor Vehicles. Anything we can do to ease that process and make it a more streamlined will make it better for everybody."

The third party testing concept is not new. Drivers in Oregon can get commercial licenses using third party companies who have been approved by the state. Luther says Louisiana would do well to change to that and he says the industry is ready to transform.

"The industry like all industries is doing a lot to bring up the level of service that we do and the professionalism," says Luther.

No immediate word on when or how Edmonson plans to change the process. In Oregon, it was done through the legislature.

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