University Acres could vote on crime prevention district

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A bill that would allow residents in the historic University Acres subdivision to decide whether or not to create a crime prevention district is scheduled to be considered for final approval Tuesday at the Capitol.

"That's the whole thing security in your neighborhood, knowing everyone's safe in the neighborhood," said University Acres resident Ricky Lane.

Lane has lived in university acres for nearly 20 years and says a recent car-jacking attempt involving a resident prompted neighbors to pursue a crime prevention district for added security.

"When people start drawing guns and gets people's attention and it's scary but we've had several breakins and actually during the day when they busted in doors and stuff we're not used to seeing in this neighborhood," added Lane.

State Representative Franklin Foil authored legislation that would allow residents to vote to create a crime district for 10 years with an annual fee of $375, something he says newer neighborhoods and sub-divisions already have built into their association fees.

"It will only be people that live in university acres who get to vote either yes or no, we want to have this district or no. it's a very democratic process," said Foil.

Lane says he believes the process will result in the formation of new crime prevention district in University Acres and one he adds is necessary to help protect an area that has been home to some of LSU's top professors for more than a century.

"Obviously we're not exempt from crime and i don't think there's anyone i talked to in the neighborhood that's not willing to pay extra on our taxation to improve our security," added Lane.

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