Law enforcement officials joining forces to crackdown on copper thefts

Memphis, TN - "The theft of copper from refrigeration units, air conditioners, and irrigation systems has become an epidemic," says Louisiana Attorney General James D. 'Buddy' Caldwell, "and could get worse as metal prices go higher. We four Attorneys General in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana are joining forces to crack down on the ease with which copper thieves operate. I've never seen cooperation across state lines this good which means citizens in our region will see better protection."

About 30 members of the attorney general offices and others met in Memphis Monday to discuss new ways in which law enforcement can target thieves selling copper across state lines. Assistant Louisiana Attorney General Kurt Wall and Louisiana Attorney General Investigator Mike Thompson represented Louisiana at the forum.

"The conference was extremely beneficial in enabling us to interact with law enforcement across our four-state region," explains Wall. "We are working together not just to share information on criminals but also on legislative remedies and enforcement tactics. Louisiana is in pretty good shape regarding statutes and enforcement but we will further deter metal thefts with this kind of cooperation."

Several proposed bills in all four states are tightening restrictions on copper and other scrap metal sales.

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