Bill to ban dogs in truck beds passes out of committee

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The third time is the charm for a Kenner lawmaker looking to outlaw dogs in trucks. House bill 1091 cleared a house committee which prohibits dogs from being in the back of pickup trucks unrestrained.

Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill (D)-Drycreek voted against the measure.

"As you know I live and represent a redneck area and we have a lot of hunters around our house and hunt in our area and all I do is say load up dogs and they roll up," says Hill.

With the 12-2 vote, you will not be able to just toss the dogs in the back of the truck and get on an interstate highway.

This is the third effort to get this bill out of committee by its author Thomas Willmott (R)-Kenner. It's a bill that opponents say is too over the top and too intrusive.

"It's more of a public safety bill, rather than a bill that is being over-reaching," says Rep. Troy Landry (D)-New Iberia.

The bill's author says it's an easy transition to protect yourself and your pets.

"You can put them in a crate. You can use a leash, collar, or whatever. They have trolley systems you can use. There's all kind of different devices you can use. All I'm saying is that you have to use them on the major roadways that we have in the state of Louisiana which is the interstate system," says Willmott.

The law says if you have a dog loose in the back of your truck on an interstate you're going to have to pay $150 and an additional $50 bucks per pooch. The measure now heads to the house floor.

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