2014 Louisiana legislative session gets underway

Published: Mar. 10, 2014 at 9:14 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The 2014 Louisiana legislative session is set to begin Monday with more than 1,500 bills on the table.

Medical marijuana, educational standards and a statewide minimum wage are some of the hot-button issues lawmakers will tackle.

This year's session is expected to be a bit different than previous years. Gov. Bobby Jindal doesn't have a lot on the agenda.

"The governor is letting lawmakers do as they wish right now," said political analyst Jim Engster. "Now, whether or not he will reign them in and get his way is yet to be seen. He does have to get a budget through the hoops and this time around, the governor is offered some goodies that have not been there his first two terms. He's offered an increase in higher education. It won't bring funding close to where it was but at least it's an increase and it looks as if he's trying to mend some fences as his poll numbers have diminished over the years."

The session is also expected to include talk about the Common Core School Standards, gun control and minimum wage increases.

One lobbyist said he expects lawmakers to try to get a lot done, so they won't have to deal with it during an election year.

"That's going to make everything a lot more intense and so I think, yes, it's going to be a very hard effort by some special interest groups in a lot of different areas and the debate is going to be quite noisy on a lot of these issues," said lobbyist Jim Harris.

The gavel will drop at noon to officially start the session.

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