Friends of a feather: A story about a man and a goose

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There is a special relationship built on trust, love – and bread. We're talking about a relationship between a man and his buddy named Boudreaux, who is a goose.

Boudreaux wonders, watches and waits for his friend every day. Three times a week at 9:30 a.m. Claude Nall visits Boudreaux.

Nall started this relationship with two geese, Boudreaux and his long-time friend. Geese are one of a handful of animals that find only one life-long partner.

One day though, Claude noticed Boudreaux's partner's foot wasn't doing so well, so he took him to the LSU Vet School, but unfortunately the goose couldn't be saved.

So now the two remaining friends carry on out at the LSU lakes; and they have a following. "He just sits there and waits all depressed, and then (Claude) shows up and (Boudreaux) gets all excited and runs over," said one watcher.

"He saw me catch his buddy and haul him off and the next time I came - he came to the back of my truck looking for his buddy. And every time I came, I started talking to him. He's eating the bread but it's not about the bread. The relationship with him is unique to me. The fact that he doesn't have to be my friend but he chose to be..." said Claude.

"It's just very sweet to see how attached he is to Mr. Claude, and now he even follows him when Claude gets into the water," said another woman at the LSU Lakes.

"Here lately he doesn't want to get but just a couple of feet from me. In fact, when he tries to get in the kayak with me he wants to get in the seat with me," said Claude.

"He's right next to the boat he's got to be right next to him - close close and if Claude veers off- he's right there with him," said another watcher.

"You can have a relationship with humans and animals and it makes them a little more human," another watcher explained.

These friends of a feather have forged a special bond that's stronger than most human friendships. It's beyond that, it's Boudreaux and his buddy.

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