Online Valentine - Part 2

Jessica Costanza and Luke Pannell
Jessica Costanza and Luke Pannell

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For those who may have forgotten, Valentine's Day is February 14, and some people who found love on the internet decided to share their stories.

A Facebook call-out asking for information from those who met their significant other online received an overwhelming response. Viewers gave dozens of stories about relationships and marriages that started on message boards, in chat rooms and of course, through dating websites. One of those stories began with a Facebook picture comment.

For Jessica Costanza and Luke Pannell, the internet brought together two people living in different countries.

"My girlfriend met his kid-school friend; they worked on a cruise together," Costanza said. "She's very spontaneous and she, after the cruise, went to England with him."

Costanza's friend helped set them up, telling her they would perfect for each other, even though she lives in Baton Rouge and he lives in England. Costanza said she ignored their advice for a month or two before she broke the ice and commented on one of Luke's Facebook pictures. That was in May of 2012.

"She put a comment on the picture that said, 'Oh is this the Luke that's meant to be my future husband?' I was like, 'Well, that's a bit forward. We've got to talk first!'" Pannell said.

After exchanging thousands of electronic conversations via Skype, they decided it was time to meet. The big meeting was set for a weekend in November on an LSU game day.

"I had drank some, but I was trying to brace myself to meet this person that I've talked to for so long. Right when I saw him come down the escalator, I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' That's it. It was real. Right when I saw him I knew," Costanza explained.

Pannell was apparently just as nervous and got a little carried away while they hung out at a bar.

"I made a good introduction of myself because that evening I drank too much and I was sick. So, that's how her grandma was introduced to me. She picked us up and I was throwing up," Pannell added.

Pannell had time to redeem himself with the family on a few other trips back to the US and Costanza got to visit England a few times before he proposed last month.

"Getting to know him online, we just connected and we know each other so well. We talked so much. I really liked that about how we met. It was so nice," Costanza said.

Looking back over the past year and nine months, Jessica said she never thought she'd meet her future husband like this, especially a future husband who lives so far away.

"No and especially not someone in England because I didn't even have a passport. I'd never flown. The thought of that, it was such a jump for me," she added.

Right now, they still have to use technology to talk and see each other. Costanza is working on her undergraduate degree from LSU, while Pannell is trying to get a work visa to move to Baton Rouge. Both are okay with the idea of moving to another country to be together, especially Pannell, who's also fallen in love with Louisiana's food.

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