EBT glitch: what happened?

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - State officials are hashing out what happened during Saturday's electronic benefits transfer (EBT) problem.

Shoppers in Mansfield and Springhill, LA Walmarts lined up to buy groceries when it was discovered the available balance was not being checked before the card holders were checking out.

"Well, our initial findings by DCFS is that no unauthorized taxpayer dollars were used in Louisiana on Saturday," according to Trey Williams with Department of Children and Family Services. "So what we found was this was a failure by Xerox, who is our contractor, to provide EBT services here in the state of Louisiana as well as about a dozen other states."

Williams says they have in place procedures that should have been followed. "What they are to do in situations just like this is, they can actually call Xerox, they have a number they can call and they can actually receive authorization of purchases up to $50. That is the emergency plan in place that is specified with Xerox and the contract and retailers are very aware of," says Williams.

Williams says they will go after people attempting to steal. "If anybody was trying to scam the system they were not able to do so on Saturday. Even though the pictures that people see were upsetting and it was upsetting to us and very disheartening that people would try and take advantage of the system," says Williams.

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