Federal charges against alleged 'Ride or Die' gang

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Investigations into New Orleans gangs have brought another indictment, this one against a dozen alleged members of an 8th Ward gang called Ride or Die.
The 20-count federal indictment accuses 12 men of conspiring to distribute cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Three of the men also are charged with murder.
It's among a number of groups targeted by the local, state and federal Multi-Agency Gang Unit led by New Orleans police.
An indictment in May accused 15 people of being in the 110ers gang. In June, a state grand jury indicted 18 alleged members of the "3NG" gang and police arrested 12 alleged members of the '89ers or T-Blocc gang. In August, a state indictment accused eight people of being members of a gang called "The Taliban."

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