Danziger Verdicts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's disheartening when those who are supposed to safeguard and protect the public end up violating the public trust. Because of that, old wounds will be re-opened in a high profile case in New Orleans which garnered national attention.

A federal judge has reversed the convictions of five New Orleans police officers who were found guilty of shooting six unarmed people, killing two, after Hurricane Katrina and then covering it up. It turns out, during the trial a couple of federal prosecutors used fake names to post online comments about the case. The judge says he understands the gravity of the case but cannot accept what he called 'grotesque prosecutorial misconduct.'

Those involved in the online postings no longer work for the US Attorney's Office, but their actions will be felt for some time to come as this case is now far from over and all involved will have to re-live it. We hope the judge's comments and actions serve as a strong reminder that having the public trust is a privilege that can never be taken for granted and should never be abused.

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