VIDEO: Officer suspended after appearing to ignore brutal fight

Screenshot from YouTube video
Screenshot from YouTube video
Officer Cortez Hankton (Source: WWL-TV)
Officer Cortez Hankton (Source: WWL-TV)

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - (Warning: The video contains violent behavior and strong language.)

A New Orleans police officer has been suspended after cell phone video shows the officer supposedly standing by while a brutal fight breaks out right in front of him.

Officer Cortez Hankton is standing near a fight on Canal Street on September 8, 2013.

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(Warning: The video contains violent behavior and strong language.)

The video went viral, sparking outrage that some say Officer Hankton doesn't intervene.

The video shows an officer move one of the men fighting out of the way, while the other appears to be making some type of communication on his radio, but he never stepped in to stop the fight between the two women.

The man who was pushed away walks up to the women who are fighting and throws three hard punches at one of the women, the officer standing nearby shoos him away.

The fight isn't broken up between the women until female officers arrived on the scene.

The New Orleans Police Department says Hankton is on emergency suspension without pay pending an investigation.

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