Overgrown lot has property owner frustrated

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Homeowner Nancy Lawson owns the home right next to the overgrown lot and rents it out.  She says this has been a thorn in her side and her pockets for a while.

"The trees and stuff have covered my roof and I have put two roofs on my house and I can't afford to do it," said Lawson.

What's worse, she says her property has become a home for rodents too.

"The tenants and have been calling me calling about rats getting in the house. I said I don't know what to do, because I called the owner of this property and she won't cut the grass," said Lawson.

9News visited the home registered to the owner of the lot.

The apparent caregiver told us the owner of the lot is bed ridden and could not be interviewed.

Lawson says, she has offered to take the property off the owner's hands several times.

"I offered to buy it, but the owner refused," said Lawson.

A representative from Public Works says there is a lot cleanup program but it's only responsible for cutting grass, and not cutting trees leaving Lawson feeling stuck.

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