Veto session deadline approaches

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lawmakers have until the end of the day Thursday to decide whether to hold a special veto session.

In order to get the session, there needs to be a simple majority of lawmakers in both the House and Senate that don't fax or mail in a signed form opposing the session.

The likelihood is that lawmakers will not officially find out if there will be a veto session until early Friday morning.  

Many legislators have been outspoken against Governor Bobby Jindal's cuts that have removed some funding to battered women groups and disability programs.

Democratic Representative Ted James is in favor of the session and says he's confident there are enough representatives who agree with him and it will come down to the Senate.

"Some of these things passed with a supermajority and it's time for the legislature to say 'You know what?  We're a distinct branch of government and we represent so many people,' and when we come together to unanimously sometimes or supermajority support something, we need to go back and say, 'Governor it's not a slap to you that we override your veto, but it's something people deserve,' and I would hope my colleagues would stand with what I believe is right and go back for a veto session," said James.

Lawmakers have not held a veto session since the current Louisiana constitution was enacted four decades ago.

Disability advocacy groups are pushing for the veto session because they hope money lost through Gov. Jindal's line item vetoes can be restored.

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