Weight Loss Wednesday: Meet the Arceneaux Family

The Arceneaux family of Walker, which includes Annie and Don and their son 16-year-old son Cody- have lost more than 350 pounds in the last two years.  Here's their story from Annie.

"We weren't always overweight people. Life just got so crazy that it became the "norm" to eat out or on the go and we just kept buying bigger clothes.

My husband decided one day that he HAD to lose weight or he'd die soon. He was nearly 500 pounds. He was 44 then and I was 41.

That day set in motion a whole new way of life for us. We started planning meals as a family and making grocery lists together.

We stopped eating out, did away with fried foods and gave up drinking sodas. We changed our eating habits and started moving around more.

We made it a family thing. It's been life changing and we've never felt better!

We support and encourage each other on a daily basis. Me and my husband aren't done yet, but I know we'll get there! I'm so very proud of how far we've come."

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