Pointe Coupee Parish celebrates False River Boat Parade

FALSE RIVER, LA (WAFB) - It was an Independence Day on the water for people over in Pointe Coupee Parish at the 31st Annual False River Boat Parade.

Boats, barges and piers were decorated in with stars and stripes---all to honor America.

"It's always fun. It's always family. It's hundreds of boats out here...the weather is just beautiful. Everybody's having a great time," said Marc Barker, the parade's admiral.

Barker and his family took over the parade about ten years ago. Barker says it's always been the community's unique and cool way to celebrate freedom.

"One of the trophies we gave away was 'Should've Got a Trophy' because there's always somebody that should've got a trophy. So we do that. We do the Admiral's Trophy. We have the Founder's Trophy...which is Lionel Kleinpeter...Best Decorated Small Craft and Best Decorated Party Barge," said Barker.

This year was the first time Zachary Perk came to the parade. He says he's enjoying the false river crowd's cooler way of celebrating our nation's independence.

"Mainly it's just about throwing water balloons and having a good time. Most of the time it's about firecrackers. I've never been where you can just come and throw water balloons on the Fourth of July," said Perk.

Perk says he looks forward to enjoying this patriotic holiday, in this family friendly False River style, in the future.

"If you can't spend time with your friends and family, especially on a special day like this, it doesn't make it worth your while," said Perk.

"People are out here enjoying our independence and freedom and just having a wonderful time celebrating the Fourth of July. It is definitely family oriented," said Barker.

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