Equal pay for women bill takes another step

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There could soon be Louisiana legislation in place that provides equal pay for women.

A Senate bill calling for equal pay for women moved favorably through the House Committee for Labor and Industrial Relations Thursday morning.

SB 153 by Sen. Edwin Murray, D-New Orleans, provides that a woman performing public service for the state is entitled to be paid the same as a man who performs the same duties.

Similar legislation has been in the making and failed for years at the Capitol, but Murray believes this may be the year it passes.

"There are lots of women in this state that are head of the household, so it really is a positive thing for families because if they earn more money, they can take better care of children," Murray said. "And, it also affects retirement and those kinds of things, but it applies for a much better quality of life for a woman and her children."

The bill now heads to the House floor and is expected to be debated sometime early next week.

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