Concealed handgun permits report released

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Concealed weapon permits are popular in certain parts of Louisiana, though some locations may surprise you.

Louisiana Department of Public Safety officials gave a report to state legislators detailing the concealed handgun permits in our state.

The numbers cover 1996 through 2012.  There are 67,516 permits in Louisiana, and in Baton Rouge, the zip code with the most by far is 70817, which covers the Shenandoah and Old Jefferson areas.  853 people have concealed handgun permits there.

At A Head Above, that number doesn't really surprise them.  Emile has been cutting hair and hearing stories for decades.  He says times have changed.

"With all the limits they want to put on weapons and people - people are starting to take their own action," said Emile.

Statewide, EBR ranks right behind Jefferson Parish with the highest number of people exercising their right to conceal their guns., followed by St. Tammany and Orleans Parishes. Calcasieu rounds out the top five.

The report also includes the numbers of and reasons why people had their concealed handgun permits taken away by down by area and race.   More white people have permits - and more of them have lost them, followed by blacks.

When it comes to people not being able to get a permit in the first place, the numbers show most people are turned down because they do not include enough of the information requested on the application, followed by having a criminal record, and a drug and alcohol abuse history.

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