Lawmakers hold ceremony for fallen Louisiana soldiers

Brett Moree reflected on the lives of some of the seven thousand fallen soldiers at Port Hudson National Cemetery Thursday, as he and his coworker planted American flags at the base of tombstones.

"It's amazing to see some of the campaigns these men and women have fought in," said Moree.

Moree who served 20 years in the Marine Corps himself, says the constant reminders from his work in the cemetery give him the chance to pay tribute to his fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives in service.

"Having conducted military funeral honors myself it seemed a way to continue serving my country my fellow brothers and sisters and those ties are what brought me to the national cemetery," added Moree.

At the state capitol, a canon fired a 21 gun salute in honor of two Louisiana sons who died within the last six months in Afghanistan in the line of duty. Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Henderson of the US Army and Sergeant Michael Guillory of the US Marine Corps.

"That certainly brings it home when you put that face to the name and its not just a statistic, it's a human being with a family, friends and a life back home," said Colonel Patrick Hermesmann of the Marine Corps.

"We take one day a year which is not enough to honor those who have given their lives in combat to keep us free and it is the very least we can do," added Representative Nick Lorusso.

That feeling is shared by Moree, who believes annual ceremonies don't do justice to the price these men and women have paid in the name of freedom.

"These men and women do deserve our very best and it takes a lot of pride and care in getting it done right," said Moree.

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