Blighted property on Government St. to finally come down

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Bobby Fields has lived along America Street in Baton Rouge since Hurricane Katrina.

He thought he was getting away from broken down homes and eyesores but it's almost as if one moved in next door to him.

When Fields first moved here, the home next door was a nice, big home with a law office and driving school housed inside.

The building caught fire. The cleanup started then stopped according to fields- years ago.

"They had a dumpster over here and over here, but they didn't put wood in any dumpster," Fields said.

The home has sat there so long, the once yellow caution tape has now faded and turned white.

Neighbors tell 9News they often see bums and sometimes even kids- playing on the old house.

"Yeah they got a lot of homeless people who come over there at night time when they don't have any place to go - especially when it rains," Fields said.

9News checked and the building finally went through the often long and drawn out city-parish condemnation process.

The man in charge of taking down blighted buildings admits- they are behind on this one.

"This one has been there too long and we probably should have gotten a contractor to tear it down," said David Guillory, Interim Director of the Department of Public Works.

"The delay is definitely on us for that. We should have it down next week - or the week after next."

Fields says he will be glad to see his neighbor go.

"You can't really enjoy yourself seeing all that space like that – damaged," Fields said.

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