Overwhelming support for family who lost everything in a fire

ST. AMANT, LA (WAFB) - People from as far as Mississippi are coming together to help the St. Amant family that lost their home to fire Thursday morning.

Fire investigators said the house on Taylor Sheets Junior Road started when a candle tipped onto a curtain in the living room. No one was hurt but mother of four, Trulena Guedry, said the family lost everything.

"We're fixing to go through and find items to see if they're salvageable," Guedry said.

A bull dozed house is what the Guedry's must sift through after the intense inferno destroyed their home. Neighbors, friends and relatives rushed to the scene as firefighters went to battle.

"It's horrible. It just hits you just in the middle of your stomach. It really does. You walked outside yesterday there was a house standing. Today, its rubble," Susan Lambert, a neighbor said.

The Guedry's have four children including a ten year old son, Michael Paul, who is bound to a wheelchair. It and the braces he uses to stretch his muscles were destroyed in the fire. But the family has something big going for them. Their community is already answering their cries for help.

"We've had a regular wheel chair donated. A couple and family donated it, and they said when we get the time they will come out and fit it for Michael," Guedry said.

But Michael is not the only one getting what he needs. Relatives said the St. Amant fire department collected clothes, toys and basic household items for the family. They said even strangers, young and old, are pitching in.

"We've had individuals just drive up and drop off a check or hand over money or whatever. We had a little boy with baseball caps from his baseball team saying they wanted the kids to have their caps," Susan Lambert said.

"People are calling from all over, even Mississippi. Somebody called and said they had donations if we would go pick them up. So someone is picking them up now," Becky Lambert said.

The Guedry's said they are overwhelmed by the endless contributions. They said the kind gestures of support comfort them as they struggle to rebuild their family home.

"We thank them very much, and we're going to make sure the kids know that they are going to have a normal life again," Guedry said.

Guedry said they plan to rebuild their home on the same plot of land. Their goal is to settle in by the beginning of next school year.

The Guedry's have a special donation account set up under the family name at Ascension Credit Union. Also, anyone wanting to drop off donations can do so at the St. Amant Fire Department.

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