Preliminary injunction ordered, Port Allen CFO keeps her job

Audrey McCain reinstated as Port Allen's CFO
Audrey McCain reinstated as Port Allen's CFO
Audrey McCain being escorted to get her keys to City Hall
Audrey McCain being escorted to get her keys to City Hall

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - A judge has decided the Chief Financial Officer of Port Allen will keep her job. This comes after the Mayor of Port Allen fired the CFO last week.

An injunction was ordered. According to @CherylMercedes who was in the courtroom, the Port Allen Mayor is not to interfere with McCain as CFO and clerk and the Mayor shall give McCain full access to city computers, files and keys needed to do her job.

"I'm hoping that this settles it. I'm hoping it's over and that we can go back to work and continue doing what we do to serve the citizens of Port Allen," McCain said.

A handful of Port Allen City Department heads were called to testify Wednesday morning. The city leaders were each asked how they were hired and whether the City Council approved their positions. Mayor Demetric Slaughter fired McCain last week citing an annual legislative audit.

A judge signed a temporary restraining order which allowed McCain to continue working as the city's CFO. McCain testified Wednesday morning saying she has not been able to access city files and computers because the mayor would not return her key to City Hall.

McCain was granted access to her office in city hall, city files and her work computer shortly after the judge ruled.

Mayor Slaughter was not in court but said she plans to obey the judge's orders. However, she said, she still intends to hire her brother-in-law, Ralph Slaughter, to oversee McCain's work.

"Right now Mr. Slaughter is still in transition for the Chief of Staff position," Slaughter said.

But the mayor says Slaughter is not on the city's payroll and she has not yet decided on his salary. That has to go before the city council.

Port Allen Alderman RJ Loupe, a longtime city employee, said he fears the new mayor's recent decisions will only hurt a city still recovering after their former mayor was sent to federal prison for accepting bribes.

"I was totally shocked. I thought we had a new mayor to bring new life and get things going but it's definitely not happening," Loupe said.

The mayor said she plans to appeal the judge's ruling.

McCain's lawyers plan to take the mayor to court for allegedly denying the CFO access to city records.

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