Human Jukebox and Dancing Dolls practice for Super Bowl

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - Baltimore and San Francisco football fans are in for a set of show-stopping performances on Super Bowl Sunday.

Two of them will be made by Southern University's famous Human Jukebox and the Dancing Dolls.

The group is prancing into a performer's paradise. On Friday, the group is took its smooth moves to the pavement one last time before planting their feet on the coveted turf at Super Bowl XLVII.

The band is ready to get the show started. But their director, Lawrence Jackson, is a perfectionist.

"We're at 110 percent. I'd like to get at 120 percent," Jackson said.

The Human Jukebox is already known as one of the best marching bands in the country.

"We are the computer technology of all bandology."

The blue and gold has made its mark on the national stage before. This will be band's fourth live performance at the Super Bowl.

"I think they invited us because of the intensity of our marching style, our show business attitude and our execution in the drills."

One they get going, there's no stopping them.

"They pumped up. They fired up. They ready to go, like race horses ready to run."

Make no mistake, Jackson said, when the whistle blows his band will be ready to play.

"This is to showcase the talent not only of the city but in the state of Louisiana. We are excited about that."

The showstoppers plan to wrap their six minute performance with a taste of Mardi Gras.

The Dancing Dolls will also be performing with Beyonce at halftime.

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