Owner of pharmacy in armed robbery, hostage situation speaks

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - The pharmacy in Brusly, LA that was robbed Monday is now down a few employees. The three who were inside when a masked gunman came in are taking a little time off.

The owner says every month she and her staff review what to do in case they were ever robbed. Part of the plan was for her to deal with the robber, but Monday she was out of town when the chaos happened.

Owner Kimberly Paul is now behind the counter. Her pharmacist told her after everything that happened; he needed some time off before coming back to work.

The masked gunman showed up Monday when the pharmacy was about to close. He tied up two other employees and forced the pharmacist to stuff a pillowcase full of cash and drugs. It is something she says she feared would happen one day; especially since several other area pharmacies were robbed in the past couple of months.

Paul says she never thought it would happen while she was states away, unable to protect her employees.

As it turns out, Paul had a plan of what to do if ever robbed; it just didn't quit turn out as she'd hoped. Hear from her tonight on 9News at 6.

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