Exterminators use rain-activated chemical to wash away bugs

Spreading granular product
Spreading granular product

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Ants, spiders and even rodents are looking for drier grounds to take cover from the cold, rainy weather.

Because the usual chemical used to treat homes can wash away in the rain, exterminators are taking new measures to poison the pest population.

Kellen Riley with Dugas Pest Control is treating homes for bugs that typically invade residences. But he said when the water starts rising, technicians fight harder to keep the critters out.

"Bugs are just like humans, especially rats, roaches, those sorts of things. They don't want to drown. So that's what makes them usually come into the home when it's very wet weather," Riley said.

The ant piles are soaked. But they come right to the surface once their nest is disturbed. The water won't kill them. So exterminators have to use a special powder-like substance.

"You're going to be using 4.5 pounds per thousand square foot. What we're using here is a granular product that is water activated so the wet weather will not affect the mode of action the chemical will work."

Riley spreads the chemical around the house. He puts up a five foot barrier between breeding grounds and the structure.

"You want to make sure you get a good coverage, especially through the bushes and grass areas."

Exterminators must still also spray down the crevices of the house where the small stubborn bugs crawl even on the driest days.

"This is a very common area where ants can get in. When it gets wet they'll trail up the side of the house and through the windows."

There are some things you can do to help. Kellen suggests trimming trees and bushes closer than six inches from your home to keep the bugs back.

Exterminators also suggest making sure your kitchen surfaces are free of food, especially sugar, which attracts bugs.

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