Camellias add color to winter landscapes!

Camellias have beautiful flowers that add a splash of color to winter landscapes!  Now is the perfect time to choose your favorites and plant them into your landscape.

Camellia japonicas bloom in January and February.  The attractive evergreen leaves are shiny dark green, an excellent background for the elegant showy blooms.  The flowers range in color from pure white to all shades of pink to deep red.

Camellia sasanquas is another species of Camellias grown in our area.  The flowers are somewhat smaller than the Camellia japonicas, but they are produced in abundance from October through mid-winter.

Camellia japonicas prefer to be planted in partial shade.  Choose an area that receives four to six hours of direct sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon or light, dappled shade throughout the day.

Good drainage is essential.  If an area has poor drainage, plant camellias on mounds or in raised beds.  It is recommended to incorporate some organic matter, such as Clegg's Planting Mix, into the soil prior to planting.

Camellias are acid-loving plants.  If your soil is alkaline (Get it tested through the LSU AgCenter, if you're not sure) incorporate a soil acidifier to help make the soil more acid.  You can use soil sulfur, copperas or aluminum sulfate.

Planting depth is very important for camellias.  Make sure they are planted with the upper surface of the root ball is slightly above the soil level of the planting area.  Apply mulch, such as pine straw, around each camellia.  The mulch will help maintain soil moisture and prevent weeds.

Feed camellias with fertilome Azalea, Camellia fertilizer in the spring as new growth begins, usually March or early April.

Although excellent drainage is necessary, camellias need regular watering, especially during hot, dry summer months.  This is particularly important for newly planted shrubs during their first year.

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